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Citadel Range of Paints and Brushes Available Citadel hobby products provide you with high quality tools, paints and accessories to personalise and produce stunning miniatures for your armies. If you would like to purchase paint please contact by email your choice of colours Paints Colours available are as follows: £2.55 each Ceramite White 21-34 Mephiston Red 21-09 Khorne Red 21-04 Leadbelcher 21-28 Balthasar Gold 21-29 Cadian Fleshstone 22-36 Seraphim Sepia 24-09 Reikland Fleshshade 24-10 Agrax Earthshade 24-11 Nuln Oil 24-12 Caliban Green 21-12 Rhinox Hide 21-22 Abaddon Black 21-25 White Scar 22-57 Evil Sunz Scarlet 22-05 Ushabti Bone 22-32 Runefang Steel 22-60 Ironbreaker 22-59 Gehenna's Gold 22-61 Drakenhof Nightshade 24-05

Citadel Range of Paints and Brushes are Available

SKU: 21-00
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