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Disney Infinity Figure: Woody Item# 81240 Rustle up some action with Woody, the fastest-moving cowboy in the West as he uses his shoulder charge to knock villains clean off the range. Shake the snakes outta your boots and get moving.;Woody is part of Toy Story Play Set, and can also unlock even more fun in the Toy Box mode! Disney Infinity Character Figures work on all platforms. 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3 & 4, XBOX One & 360 Disney Infinity is the exciting new game where you are the storyteller and the fun never ends! Just place the interactive f igures on the Infinity Base, and a new Disney Character will enter the game for even more adventures! Not suilable for Children 0-3 Years

Disney Infinity Figure: Woody

SKU: 81240
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