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Food Groups - Wooden Play Food
3+ YEARS   Planning a well-balanced meal is child's play with this wooden play food set. Items from the five food groups--including watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and much more--are crafted of solid wood and come with four wooden baskets for sorting and storage. Top Pick For Special Needs Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: Ask the child to identify each food item (other than condiments) and to categorize it by basic food group: meat, dairy, grain or fruits and vegetables. Ask the child to place each food group in a different crate. Have the child identify the colors of each food item, and sort the items by color among the four crates. Help the child to assemble a balanced meal in each basket. Explain that each meal must have one item from each food group. Visual memory skills: Place 3-4 ingredients in front of the child. Let the child study them before asking the child to close their eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child which piece was removed. Gradually increase the number of ingredients. Food Groups - Wooden Play Food
This set of play foods in the four basic food groups is perfect for teaching children about the benefits of healthy eating. Allow children to explore the many items, and then group them into the categories of dairy, grains, produce, meats, and fish. Also great for teaching children with certain food allergies what foods they might need to stay away from. Children can manipulate the foods to create a well-balanced meal and later identify healthy choices in the grocery store or at the dinner table. A great teaching tool for children of all ages!
Great for:     Dimensions: 2.5" x 8.75" x 12.5" Packaged

Food Groups - Wooden Play Food

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