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GREMLiNS Dancing Gizmo Plush AGE 8+ From the enduring cult-classic movie Gremlins comes this adorable plush Gizmo! This cute little guy is fuzzy all over, except for his hands, feet and ears. Gizmo stands 6″ high, but has a weighted bottom so he’ll sit easily. Warning: Gizmo plush may be less adorable when fed after midnight. · This high quality gremlin Gizmo plush doll will dance and sing whenever you clap your hands. Gizmo was the most endearing gremlin and stands 8 inches tall, or 7 inches sitting! Dance & Sing Gizmo features Detailed plush doll of Gizmo Dance and sings when you clap your hands White and brown fur Vinyl ears, eyes, feet, hands and mouth Suitable for age 8 years and up Size: Gizmo large Gremlins H 19.6cm x W 28.5cm Dance & Sing Gizmo batteries 2x AA batteries (included)

GREMLiNS Dancing Gizmo Plush

SKU: 34482306300
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