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Sweet Locks Scented Hairbrush - Strawberry Sweetcake SweetLocks ​ is a scented hairbrush that resolves the age-old problem of getting little girls to brush their own hair. Targeted for girls between the ages of 7 and 13, SweetLocks is a one of a kind scented hairbrush that encourages young girls to brush their hair, feel pretty and be empowered. Coming in two scents, Strawberry Sweetcake and Cheeky Cherrylime , Each brush is disigned with a sparkly bright color pattern the girls love. The custom scent is contained inside the bladder of the brush, which comes out with every stroke. The brush leaves the hair lightly scented without leaving any residue, or damaging the scalp. Brush length 245mm. Bristle 15mm Brush head width 80mm NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN 0-3

Sweet Locks Scented Hairbrush - Strawberry Sweetcake

SKU: 30915197892
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