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TRANSFORMERS PRIME: Beast Hunters OPTIMUS PRIME vs PREDAKING European Exclusive ITEM #4345 AGE 5+ It is a battle that was always inevitable. The clash of ancient savagery against modern nobility. Predaking, reborn into a universe that bears little resemblance to the one he remembers, is a raging beast, a tyrant whose only law is mercilessness. Optimus Prime stands against him, knowing that the thunderous battle they wage will decide whether Earth and Cybertron remain free – or whether the two worlds will plunge into a dark age of beastly barbarism. The ultimate Autobot-Predacon battle is about to begin! Your Predaking and Optimus Prime figures are so heavily armed that there's no way to know who will win. Your Optimus Prime figure converts from mighty robot mode to thundering semi truck mode, and in either mode his ionic pulse launchers will blast his foe. In robot mode his Star Saber is his most powerful weapon. Will his arsenal be enough to beat Predaking's twin Hydrafire missile blasters when he's in two-headed dragon mode? When he converts to robot mode his dragon tail becomes a sword! Who will win the beast-robot showdown? It's all up to you! Battle of the Hunters set pits your Optimus Prime figure against your Predaking figure Optimus Prime figure has ionic pulse launchers Launchers attach to both modes Star Saber included Predaking figure has Twin Hydrafire missile blasters Tail becomes a sword in robot mode Hydra heads attach Transformation Level 2 Intermediate. Figures stand approx 7" tall

TRANSFORMERS PRIME: Beast Hunters - Optimus Prime vs Predaking - Exclusive

SKU: 4345
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