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Insects Chunky Puzzle - 7 Pieces
2+ YEARS Item # : 3729 This 7 piece wooden puzzle features a glorious garden full of colorful bugs! The chunky wooden pieces slot easily into their recessed spots, or stand upright for pretend play. Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: Ask the child to line up the pieces, and count them aloud together. Ask the child to identify all the colors on the pieces. Then discuss different ways to sort the bugs by their colors and patterns. For instance, you could select all the animals with purple coloring and place them in a set. Or select all the animals with spots. Identify each of the bugs and talk about how they move. (For instance, point out that a spider can crawl or swing on his silk, a ladybug can fly or crawl, and so on.) Ask the child to point to all the animals with wings. Place the pieces around the room, then have the child walk around on a bug hunt. Each time the child finds a bug, ask him/her to call out the name and return it to the puzzle board. With all the pieces on the puzzle board, ask the child questions to make up a simple story about the bugs. For instance, "If we were planting in the garden, what bugs would we see?" or "What would it be like if these bugs all came to a party at our house?" Age 2+   Dimensions: 1" x 9" x 12"

Wooden Insect Chunky Puzzle

SKU: 77213729
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